Menopause talk recordings

This popular series of menopause talks by Dr Sam Morgan, BMS accredited specialist doctor, is now available online. They cover all you need to know about what to expect at perimenopause, and how to holistically manage your menopause transition. You will have unlimited online access for 3 months, for just £15.

Menopause talks by Dr Sam Morgan BMS accredited specialist

There are 3 different talks:

Talk 1 – Recognising perimenopause, 32 minutes

includes menopause symptoms, menopause stages, hormone blood tests, trackers, contraception & menopause in the workplace

Talk 2 – HRT in depth, 52 minutes

includes HRT types, HRT doses, testosterone, how long HRT can be used for, managing HRT side-effects like bleeding, HRT shortages & the HRT prepayment certificate

Talk 3 – using lifestyle to support perimenopause, 58 minutes

includes supporting sleep, nutrition (microbiome, glucose, phyto-oestrogens, menopause supplements), strength training, libido, pelvic floor & the importance of rest.

Each talk is different, and works alone and as a set of three. 

Resources shared in the talks can be found here.

Feedback from menopause talks

“Thanks so much for such an interesting, informative, eye opening and empowering talk.”

Attendee at HRT in depth talk

“So much stuff I didn’t know (fascinating about role of oestrogen and progesterone on metabolism!)”

Attendee at recognising perimenopause talk

“Thanks for such a brilliant and informative session today. You created a lovely relaxed environment, and I really appreciated that.”

Attendee at using lifestyle to support perimenopause