Menopause talks & retreat

Menopause Talks and Retreat - planning!

I’m a British Menopause Society Accredited doctor and trainer, come and talk menopause with me.
I love sharing information with women, we’re generous and we pass it on.

Menopause talks

My menopause clinic is based in Bristol, and I host regular menopause talks in the local area packed with evidence based advice, based on the questions I’ve been asked by women over the past 20 years as a GP with a special interest in women’s health.

There are 3 different talks:
     talk 1 recognising perimenopause – includes menopause symptoms, menopause stages, hormone blood tests, trackers, contraception & menopause in the workplace
     talk 2 HRT in depth – includes HRT types, HRT doses, testosterone, how long HRT can be used for, managing HRT side-effects like bleeding, HRT shortages & the HRT prepayment certificate
     talk 3 using lifestyle to support perimenopause – includes supporting sleep, nutrition (microbiome, glucose, phyto-oestrogens, menopause supplements), strength training, libido, pelvic floor & the importance of rest.

Each talk is different, and works alone or as a set of three. The sessions will soon be recorded as webinars for you to watch at home. Follow me on social media or sign up through the website to be kept up to date about future talks.

The next set of talks are now open for booking. Sorry to those who were on waiting lists and missed out on tickets for the last set.

Resources shared in the talks can be found here.

Menopause training and awareness sessions

I regularly host menopause sessions for healthcare professionals and businesses. I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in a bespoke talk or menopause awareness training session for a group or business.

If you think your employer could benefit from menopause training to enhance the support they currently offer at menopause please contact me.

I look forward to chatting menopause with you. 

Feedback from menopause talks and training sessions

“Thanks so much for such an interesting, informative, eye opening and empowering talk.”

Attendee at HRT in depth talk

“So much stuff I didn’t know (fascinating about role of oestrogen and progesterone on metabolism!)”

Attendee at recognising perimenopause talk

“Thanks for such a brilliant and informative session today. You created a lovely relaxed environment, and I really appreciated that.”

Attendee at using lifestyle to support perimenopause

“Three HRT consults on Thursday, all much improved with the info from Wednesday’s session, a big thankyou”

Senior Pharmacist from a GP Practice in Somerset

“A really fun and very informative evening and totally GP friendly”

Experienced GP in Bristol

Menopause Retreat

To mark World Menopause Day I hosted a Rethink Menopause Retreat at Sensate Spa in Bristol.

We talked about female specific risk factors for cardiovascular disease, specific signs of cardiovascular disease in women and steps we can all take to reduce our risk. We discussed the role of hormones, and the impact of sleep, nutrition, movement and rest on our cardiovascular health.

Following the talk I led a yoga class, themed around building strength to support our metabolism.

Then we talked, we listened, we shared, and enjoyed the jacuzzi, sauna and cold water plunge at the spa.

More sessions are being planned, themed around other areas including sleep, anxiety, bone health and pelvic floor health. Sign up to the newsletter to be kept up to date.