Menopause Services offered by Dr Sam Morgan, BMS Accredited Menopause Specialist Bristol

Menopause Specialist Bristol Dr Sam Morgan and Founder of Rethink Menopause

Book with me for a menopause specialist consultation or wellwoman mid-life health check knowing I’ll listen, I’ll hear you, I’ll see you.

We’ll have the time we need together to look at your symptoms. We’ll look at your lifestyle and can personalise an HRT regime to suit you. We can discuss how non-hormonal treatments could support your symptoms too.

There can be a danger that all symptoms in our 40s and beyond are put down to menopause. As a GP I have the knowledge to advise you if there may be other non-hormonal causes of your symptoms, and the next steps to look into those as appropriate.

Rethink Menopause is a private specialist menopause clinic based in Bristol, just off Gloucester Road. You have the option of a face to face appointment at the menopause clinic in Bristol or an online consultation from your own home or workplace. All appointments are with Dr Sam Morgan, GP and British Menopause Society Accredited Menopause Specialist. I really value continuity of care, and will stay connected with you even after your consultation, offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure you feel empowered and informed every step of the way.

In addition to consultations, Rethink Menopause offers comprehensive services, including blood tests, scans, and next-day delivery of prescribed medications through our private prescription service. You’ll also be provided with personalised, relevant information and resources to support you.

Take control of your menopause journey, book a consultation with me at Rethink Menopause and embark on a path towards greater health and well-being.


Testimonials after Menopause Specialist Appointments

“I am so grateful for our appointment.  I felt really heard and supported.”

“Great to be able to talk openly without being rushed and get constructive advice. Felt worthwhile –  and prescription delivery was incredibly prompt.”

“I really appreciate your understanding and compassion.”

A recent study1 asked women about their expectations of perimenopause. More than 30% are dreading it. Our mindset affects our experience, I know a rethink would help.  Rethink offers talks and newsletters to empower women with the information they need to thrive in menopause.

Lifestyle Medicine

Our everyday habits and choices have a huge impact on our hormones and wellbeing. I’m fascinated by the body and mind, a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and a Yoga Teacher. Rethink offers lifestyle advice in all health checks and consultations. It really does make such a difference, regardless of whether we take HRT or not.

Menopause Specialist Bristol

Over the last few years the conversation has really moved on, and in GP surgeries we spoke to many more women wanting to discuss menopause after each Davina programme. Still though, many of us both as women and as health care professionals don’t immediately join the dots and think menopause with symptoms of joint pain or dizziness. It’s hardly surprising with so many different symptoms, and such variation in our menopause experiences. Other women feel their symptoms aren’t severe enough to warrant a menopause consultation, especially in these times of huge pressures on the NHS.  Rethink Menopause offers specialist menopause consultations to women with no symptoms, women with severe symptoms and all those in between.

Pay it forward

Access to menopause specialists in the UK is currently not universal. If you have the financial means to pay it forward to support another woman’s specialist menopause care please contact me. I am looking at a number of ways to provide a bursary fund to improve access to specialist menopause care.

1 Womens Health (Lond) 2022 Jan-Dec. An online survey of perimenopausal women to determine their attitudes and knowledge of the menopause Joyce C Harper et al