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Hormone blood tests at perimenopause and menopause

I completely understand the rationale to want to have hormone blood tests checked to see where you are in the menopause transition, and understand your experience. Unfortunately the tests we currently have available often aren’t that helpful. T…

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Non-hormonal treatments for menopause

Non-hormonal treatments for menopause are sometimes overshadowed, but not everyone can or wants to take HRT. This blog will cover the non-hormonal treatments for menopause that are available, including for those with hormone sensitive breast cancer a…

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Cervical screening, what you need to know.

A cervical screen, or smear test, takes just 5 minutes and can help us to know whether we are at risk of developing cervical cancer, yet so many of us put it off. This blog will give you more information about what’s involved, to inform your de…

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